Sunday, 28 October 2012


May 2012 would go down in my history as a remarkable month for many reasons. The story below was carved out of an experience in May and I hope that after reading this, you will truly be inspired to live every moment to the fullest and enjoy the best each day has to offer. I also hope that you will learn to value the relationships you make along the way and let every one you meet know how much you cherish them. Above all, it is my desire that this would propel you to be that wonderful agent of change that you were born to be.

When I was very little, I lived with her and I can testify that I had the most memorable of times as a child. Though extremely young at heart, I remember the events vividly. I never lacked anything no matter how difficult it was to get. She and her husband made sure that I got the very best. At some point as a child, I had to leave to stay with my parents but the bond had been formed. An everlasting bond that could not be toyed with neither could it be broken.