Sunday, 28 October 2012


May 2012 would go down in my history as a remarkable month for many reasons. The story below was carved out of an experience in May and I hope that after reading this, you will truly be inspired to live every moment to the fullest and enjoy the best each day has to offer. I also hope that you will learn to value the relationships you make along the way and let every one you meet know how much you cherish them. Above all, it is my desire that this would propel you to be that wonderful agent of change that you were born to be.

When I was very little, I lived with her and I can testify that I had the most memorable of times as a child. Though extremely young at heart, I remember the events vividly. I never lacked anything no matter how difficult it was to get. She and her husband made sure that I got the very best. At some point as a child, I had to leave to stay with my parents but the bond had been formed. An everlasting bond that could not be toyed with neither could it be broken.

As an adult, we continued the bond and every Christmas, it was always a pleasure seeing her again. We get to talk about so many things and shared jokes about things happening in my life. Though her husband was no longer alive, she was still so full of life and made every effort to put a smile on faces even though she had pains.  Such was her undying love for the people around her. Do not be deceived that she only did this to her own blood but she made every effort to spread the word of love to everybody. She made every effort to to stay away from controversy and did all she could to ensure there was a balance in the family.

Too many things happened that time will not permit me to go into but take huge steps in time and fast forward to May 2012 which is where we started from: I am glad that I made every effort to see her. As I arrived, she was on her way out to see a couple of friends. She nearly fell at the joy of seeing me and I had to help her up. Instantly, she told her friends she could no longer go simply because she had to go back home with me. We sat for many hours and talked as we had always done. She was her usual joyful self as she shared with me just one more thing she wished God will do before she dies. We laughed about it and I said it will be done just as she wished. We talked about so many other things and I was happy that I went to see her.

October 8, 2012
I woke up this morning feeling extremely energized then the phone rang; It was my elder brother and he had a terrible news for me: She was dead..... With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart, I slowly came to realize that she was no more. How I wish I had the opportunity to see her just one more time before she passed away.....

This is to remind us that you should value your relationships, make every effort to be at peace with all men and most importantly enjoy your moments with everyone. It might just be the last opportunity for them to share in your joyous moments and for you to share in theirs.

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