Saturday, 28 July 2012


I shared with you a while ago on the concept of believing in what you are doing or what you intend to do. You can read more about that piece here. Today I intend to share with you why you need to push harder to enforce what you have seen and what you believe can be.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello Friends,

I hope that you all have been enjoying the week so far and having all the fun that each day brings.
Today, I will like to share with you how to ensure that you finish your tasks within the expected time frame. Do not forget that if this is not a part of you, it is easy to miss out on the good things of life and most importantly, you may loose the trust of those around you. This will in turn label you a not too serious fellow and you may actually end up with a worse image than before.

Firstly, I need to emphasize why you need to make this an integral part of you. Again, I will use bullet points so it will be clear to all

Friday, 20 July 2012


I recently listened to Toyosi Akerele courtesy Ndani TV (Powered by GT Bank) and I thought I should share this with you.

Truly, age is not an excuse for not enforcing a change.Be Inspired!!!

Please share your thoughts



Sometimes we forget to do the simple things of life hence the reason I choose to remind you today of one of the simple things we may have forgotten or which some of us know but find it a bit daunting to practice. As simple as it is, a lot of us do not go the extra mile to practice it and after reading this piece, just learn to incorporate this into your day to day living as it opens doors for you as an individual. I will like to share with us the subject of being nice to people around irrespective of how they treat you in return. I know that you may not agree with me but one thing you should realize is that it has worked for some and it will continue to work. In case you do not know, people value that attribute and it could just be your greatest asset to success.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


A blonde woman was pulled over for over speeding by a police officer who happened to be a blonde too. She asked for the woman's driver's license but the woman searched her bag for minutes and could not seem to find the license. The police officer was now getting seriously irritated with this supposed deliberate waste of time.

On noticing the look on her face, the woman asked the officer : What does it look like?
The officer responded by saying it's square and has your picture on it.

The woman responded by saying silly me and brought out a square mirror from her purse and gave it to the police officer.

The officer looked at the mirror, gave it back to her and said "Oh Sorry, you may go; I didn't realize you are a cop too.

Have a stress free day ahead.

Sunday, 15 July 2012


We all know what a ladder is used for and most times we hear people say that someone must definitely be at the bottom of the ladder. This actually stems from the fact that life itself has been termed to be like a bottle and they say that the higher you go up in the bottle, the tougher it is to stay there and the more the struggle and the stress that comes with staying higher up there to be able to get the best of the air that comes into the bottle. This again would be clearer to you if at one time or the other you have heard the statement that it is really tight and competitive at the top



Friday, 13 July 2012


During the course of living on this planet, a lot of questions pop up in our heads and among these many questions comes this all important question of why me? Why does it always have to be me to do this or that, experience this or that, go to this place or that? It’s a question that makes us feel singled out of a pool of people for either good things or bad things. This is what I have come to observe: When we are singled out for good things, we find it easy to quickly come to terms with whatever is happening and accept the accolades that is being poured on us but when it’s the reverse, heads are usually bowed down and people are dejected that they have been singled out for terrible things.

Did you know that being in the positive mood could help answer that question faster than you expect and getting around to believe that all things happen for a reason could be just the key to resolving whatever challenge it is. Think of it like this: if all that happens to you are the good things, do you think you will learn enough about life and how to pull through this current situation that is making you to say why me? You may be tempted to say yes but have you not seen enough babies at the seat of power or those who even have no clue about what to do every time things happen around them? It’s not bad not to have a clue about some things but it’s bad not to have a clue about every single thing around you.

The experience you are passing through now is to make you stronger and be more adept at handling issues as they crop up. One thing we often forget as well is that this could have happened not just for your sake alone but for the sake of someone around you now or who will come around you later in life. When you ask the question why me, remember that it has to be someone so why not stand up, face the challenge in an upbeat mode and force the change through so that it can become an added experience later in life. I have learnt to always ask myself; what is the positive I can see in this thing that has just happened. Most times when I look hard enough, I will see a positive and by the time I focus on the positives, ideas of what to do will just start flooding the mind and this happened simply by dwelling on the positives.

So I would rather you change your question you ask when things happen from WHY ME to WHY NOT ME? This would help you brood on the positives and give you the IRON HEART of a WORLD CHANGER. You can surely live in a different way by learning this principle.

All the best

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Last time, I shared with you what it means to see without your eyes. You can read more about how to see with your heart as well here. Today I will like to share with you a story that I feel would inspire a change in the way you see things as well. TA, a busy executive commutes along a particular route to work daily. On this particular day, she drove past a scene and suddenly it occurred to her that what she saw was a small car that had fallen over into a ditch. How long has the car been there she wondered to herself but since there was no time for questions, she decided to reverse the car and then go back to the scene she just saw.

Help me cried the young man as she drew closer. How long have you been here, what happened, how am I sure you’re not a criminal, don’t you have family members, where is your cell phone? At once she realized she was asking too many questions and the man was even bleeding. Realizing her folly, she screamed for help and soon enough, she got the attention of those who were nearby and they were able to get the man into her car and off she sped to the closest hospital which was about 15 minutes drive backwards. Once she was sure that the man was safe and had had contacted a few of his relatives, she left and just 5 minutes away from the spot she had picked the man, she noticed another accident.

This time around the situation was a bit critical as she saw the rescue team at this spot. She thought to herself as she drove along “I wonder where this rescue team was that they could not assist the first man she had just taken to the hospital”. She hissed and turned on her car radio and the first news she heard was the accident that the rescue team was trying to salvage. Her thoughts again took the best of her as she started contemplating all she had to do in the office since she was now some minutes late. Then she heard something which jolted her; a tree fell and smashed the car and the people died instantly; most importantly, the accident had occurred at exactly 07.32am. If she had not reversed to help the man, it could as well have been her car since she was likely to be at that spot at that time if she had not helped the man. She shook her head and was grateful that she had gone back to help the man who was stranded by the ditch.

How large exactly is your heart and how much of your time do you give to others? You sure will be saving yourself trouble when you give your all to others.

Do enjoy the rest of the day.

Monday, 9 July 2012


Hello Folks,
Hope the weekend was wonderful and I believe you all had fun.

Today I want to share with you things that helped us as kids and are still useful even though we are adults. You may think that life as children is long gone and we should just leave that life in the past where it belongs but in all honesty, I think there are some things you can still re-enact that will make you enjoy the best of your week. For the purpose of simplicity, I will use bullet points to ensure that the message is clear to all.

  •       Fear is not an option: Have you ever seen a little child crawling towards the fire place or towards a naked fire of some sort even though every time you see the child doing that, you scream get away from there. When you are not around or busy doing something else, the child does it again. The child does that because the knowledge of what can happen is still not clear. As adults because we have an understanding of what can happen, we tend to be afraid and refuse to take the all important step. Learn to be like that child and throw fear out of the window.
  •       Be joyful about every significant step: Have you seen a child jumping the day he/she discovers no more crawling but steps can now be taken. When the parents stand at one corner and encourage the child to walk gently to them, the child so elated and eager to do more. As adults, we should take pride in every significant step we take and celebrate the moment even though there is still a large chunk to be conquered
  •       Be Happy to Grow: Have you seen the way little children argue about who is taller? Oh yes they do and if you happen to deal with them a lot, you will see the challenge you go through to get them to align themselves properly according to heights. As adults, we should be happy that we are growing and take significant steps towards the growth. By growth I mean physically and in every other aspects
  •       Refuse to be bothered: Do you remember how kids refuse to bother about who is watching when they want to do anything? As long as it is what they intend to do, they go out and do it regardless of whose ox is gored. Sometimes, parents have to scream off their heads to prevent children from doing what exactly they want to do. As adults, once you set your heart on doing something, please go for it and refuse to be bothered
  •          Persistence is key: We all can relate to this and it is simply when kids want something, they simply do not allow you to rest till they get what they want. As adults, we should use that to learn that simply by refusing to give up, we can get what we want.
There are many more lessons we can learn from kids that can be adapted to our living but as the week progresses, these few will help you achieve more.

Have a progressive week.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


It is fitting today to share the thoughts of one of my friends while we were growing up. One day he called me and said he would like to know the reason we did not have the power to influence where we were born, which family we were born into, which country we had to live in and so on. In other words, he wanted to know why we had to settle for what was presented to us and what we came to understand as our immediate environment the moment we became wiser as kids. It was a funny thought and when I look back at it today, I still smile sometimes about it. Think of it like this, how come you were born into that family? Why were you born into that country and someone else was born into another country? Why do some people have so much influence at birth and others do not? Why is it that the family you were born into has to toil day and night to be able to give you the best of life while some others have it on a platter of gold just by saying give me this or that.
These thoughts often come to mind when you look at the opportunities that are available. So the mind often tends to drive into believing that opportunities as children that we all have vary from one person to the other. In actual fact, this is very true considering that some do not have to toil as hard as you have to in order to get things they need. While some parents can afford to pay the college fees of their children, others have to get loans to fulfill this obligation. You need to sweat it out to buy your first house while another already has her house as far back as college days.
Even though you find that the opportunities that exist to you as a child of one are quite limited to the opportunities that exist to the child of another, there are things you can do that can help you change the mindset and begin to appreciate your present situation while working towards achieving a better circumstance for the generation that is coming after you. As you journey through life, the points listed below would help you understand that you can get the best out of the present circumstances.
  • Look around you and appreciate your present location.
  • Clearly understand that there is a problem you are meant to solve in that location and do all you can to solve it before you die
  • You need to do more that someone who already has the opportunities abounding to him. In short, do the extra at all times
  • Keep your Focus on the ultimate goal you want to achieve
As you live by these things, you will understand that though you may think that the opportunities are limited but if you start making use of the opportunities that you think are limited, more will present itself to you and you will rise above your present circumstances.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Flags waving, fireworks sparking, people cheering, Lights everywhere, smiles on faces, greetings all around, people making calls, invitation to different places, incredible barbecue, food unlimited, people willing to share and give, shops with incredible sales, places to visit, offices closed, fun all around and when I say fun, it is actually joy unlimited. So it goes on the 4th of July here in the land of opportunities and a place where dreams are born. The day of independence we call it and true to its meaning, it’s massive INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS.
WOW, I am so happy to be in this land at this point in time, and share in the true values of independence. Having witnessed Independence Day celebrations in some other countries, it is worthy to share my thoughts on what it means to be free. Have you stopped to consider for a moment what we actually celebrate on Independence Day and why it means a lot to all of us in our countries? OR let me put it this way. What should we be celebrating on days like this and everyday of our lives?
True independence is when you have control over what you are doing or what you intend to do. The meaning of freedom to some people is not being shackled, not being restricted and we all like freedom in its truest sense. You want to do what you want, when you want and how you want. This desire has not waned over the years. This is a part of independence but I would like to introduce to you a better form of independence which is independence that has control.
One of the greatest assets of man is the willpower. When you feel like doing something and you can say no because you are placing values over other kind of influences, then you are free. If you feel you need to have fun for example and there is some work to be done which has a timeline yet you choose to go after your instinct to have fun at the expense of the work, then there is no control and that in itself is not freedom. If you are passing by a place, came across an accident victim and chose not to help because the person riding with you said you should not then you may need to check your freedom.
As you celebrate today and other days of your lives, when you think of independence, think control and start to enjoy the true freedom that comes from placing values above every other thing. In essence, please let your willpower (The innate ability to say yes or no) guide your freedom.


Monday, 2 July 2012


Mankind was blessed with five good senses and the sense of sight is a strong one. We are all happy that we can see things. We are taught that before you leap, you should look and when you can’t see, it is wise to exhibit caution. Tread gently and try to feel your environment before you launch forward. As good as the sight has been over the years, it has turned around to be the inhibitive factor in so many people’s lives. We are quick to judge things by just what we see but in reality, even what you see may not be the real thing as something may be hidden beneath what you think you can see. Also, what you see now and have an opinion about is probably what you have experienced before. When something that has not been experienced before is seen, the tendency is to become confused and confusion becomes predominant till a solution is found or till the sight becomes clearer.

Do not just run when you see something unpleasant, you may just be running to danger. The best solution may be to hide - Matured

This is why we are quick to live by the sense of sight. A new movie needs to be seen, we want to see the best places on earth and the desire to see many good things has not waned over the years. We set out to see good things but sometimes, we see bad things and this is where most people have difficulty in responding appropriately. Simply because it’s not what we set out to see, we are not sure of how to handle this seemingly overwhelming challenge. Most of us deeply ruminate over what we have just seen that we are immersed in what is and it completely takes over what can be. What it can be is the desire but there is a challenge of what it is. Did you know that just be refusing to see what it is, you can see what it can be?
Yes that is true and this can be done simply be reaching within you for a few minutes and listen to your heart. The heart will tell you what you should do when faced with these circumstances. You can always train your heart by closing your eyes and thinking deeply for those few minutes and you would be surprised at the solutions you would come up with. Do not just run when you see something unpleasant, you may just be running to danger. The best solution may be to hide. Do not live your entire days based on what you see but reach within your heart to receive the guidance you need.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Born on so and so date, raised in so and so place, went to the best school, got the best kind of trainings and has been living the last few years of her life as a proud managing director of  a company she started 10 years ago. She got to the office one morning and discovered that the great building was no more. I left it here last night when I went home she thought to herself; how did it happen? What about the recent project she was working on? Too many questions flooded her mind that she did not have answers to. Excuse me ma’am, the voice of the officer standing next to her did not make any sense. Excuse me ma’am, he called again, then she was jolted back to reality. As she listened to him, she discovered that there was a great flood that wiped out everything in that location hence the reason her office no longer stood in that location. Heads bowed and with a great deal of sadness she took a walk with the officer to complete necessary documentation and make necessary arrangements for her insurance company to fix this huge mess that was caused by a natural occurrence.
This too has come to Pass is the best way to view natural occurrences- Matured
The insurance company fixed the whole mess in no time and she had her office back but documents were lost, equipments perished but she had new ones and she still had people to work with. The thing most desired by the human being is control. You want to know what is happening now so that you can use what you learnt yesterday and what you are learning today to ensure that tomorrow will be better. In the process of going round the cycle, something happens that was not part of the plan. You feel dejected but I want you to understand that just as this is a cycle, what just happened will pass away the same way it came.
It is a huge low now, but if you keep your head and understand that this is a phase, it will also pass away so from today when unexpected things happen say to yourself that THIS TOO HAS COME TO PASS. Whatever it is and however it may have happened, have a clear understanding that it will pass away the same way it came. The woman felt that all that she had labored for had gone because of the low but she got a new building, better equipments, better office space and she still has her staff to work with. In the process of change, she experienced a new high.
As things happen, learn to say to yourself that what is happening now or what just happened is not permanent and it will also pass away.
Have a lovely week ahead.