Tuesday, 18 September 2012


Lately I have become a bit worried about how much people easily get distracted when they are doing things. Most especially when you consider that it has now become a habit and the people in question do not seem to be concerned that something needs to be done about it. As an individual, your ability to focus is quite essential and will assist you a great deal on your way up. You need to be able to focus on anything you are doing to ensure that you become successful at it. In case you are having difficulty with keeping your focus, you will find this article helpful

The question that readily comes to mind is why do you need to focus on what you are doing and the obvious answer is that you need to get results and you want the result to be accurate; Imagine a Doctor performing an operation without focus, imagine a Driver on the road without focus, imagine you talking to your boss or employees without focus, imagine a set of people running haphazardly on the expressway. These are sufficient reasons to convince you that focus is essential and you even need it more than the person closest to you. The following tips should help you to improve.

  • Lend your heart to focus: By this I mean, you should decide from the start that you do not want to be distracted. When you have this mindset, you will be able to handle the distractions that will arise. Remember, it's just for a certain period that you are refusing to be distracted.
  • Talk to Yourself: Some people will attribute this to being 'loco' but I have discovered that it works perfectly well. While you are doing things at times, you may get distracted. As soon as this happens and you remember the set goal, call your self to order and get back in line. If you do this as often as it occurs, you will surely improve.
  • Set specific time to different things: In case your day is such that you have a whole lot of activities competing for your attention and you do not yet have the funds to hire a personal assistant, then try to allot time to these different daily activities. In case someone is trying to drag you to do something that it's not yet time for, nicely tell them that why not wait till so and so time.
  • Evaluate yourself with every task: Be the first judge of yourself. Check how much extra time you spent on doing each task and evaluate why this was so. Think back clearly on how much time you wasted being distracted and adjust yourself accordingly with the next task. Hey, you can even score yourself each day. There is no crime in that...
My final word goes to the 'Hydra' whose head is everywhere and people can easily make you do what they want you to do.  It is time to focus and run things the way you want to run them. Take control of things around you and focus all the way...

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