Monday, 6 August 2012


My thoughts for the week go towards those who have an intent to fly in any area they have chosen. Now let me quickly and emphatically say that this is not for you if you are looking for how to do what only Harry Porter does best. Am sure you know what I mean!!!!
If you are here because you are looking for what will assist you in flying high in your chosen career, business endeavor, a particular passion or something else that is known only to you and not the next person seating by you, then you will learn the secret of what it truly takes to fly using this simple technique

As simple as you may think it is, look hard at the simple picture shown above and simply think of the area in which you are attempting to fly. If you truly did what I just advised, you would have gotten the message by now.

However, just in case you still do not understand what I am trying to tell you; I will attempt to break it down. If you want to fly, you must go through all the stages indicated above. First crawl, then walk, thereafter run and you can then fly.

Remember that the little things that you think are not important are actually important if you really intend to fly. I hope I have been able to sensitize you and as you intend to fly this week and for the rest of your days, please apply this rule and you will always get it right.

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