Wednesday, 15 August 2012


We started this discourse a few days ago and in this second part, we will conclude it as agreed. In case you have not read the first part, you can do so by clicking here. Now that you have read the first part, you may proceed with this second part where we will be analyzing the concluding part of the statement. In essence, we will be examining the following phrases: however you can, in the most trustworthy and reliable manner to ensure that you get the best out of everyday life. 

However you can: In case you have identified all the ways you can, you need to push it a little deeper by exploring all these options and then putting them to practice. In this stage, once you have the physical ability, you should push yourself to overcome the feeling of this is what I am comfortable doing. Do even that which you are not comfortable doing as it may eventually turn out to be the most successful approach. Here you will find out that your physical ability can be seriously expanded to the limit you want to expand it. Stop using words like I can't try this till you have tried. I can't do this should also be erased completely and use all that you have to ensure that this works exactly how you wanted it to work.

In the most trustworthy and reliable manner: This is where some people will have one challenge or the other. Even though I have said you should do whatever you can, you still need to subject it to a reliability test and be sure that it will pass that test. No one likes dishonest people and dishonest approaches and you want to be sure that after this must have been accomplished, you can confidently say that this was my handwork and not some fraudulent gimmick. Please never forget that this is equally as important as any other thing I have mentioned earlier.

To ensure that you get the best out of everyday life: This is exactly where we intended to get to when we started this discussion and finally we are here. If you follow all that I have highlighted earlier, you will surely achieve that which you set out to achieve. This would in turn ensure that each day is as fulfilling and even more fulfilling than the previous.

As you avoid every form of distraction and attempt to follow these principles, you will achieve desired results. Let me know other ways you have been using to accomplish things

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