Thursday, 16 August 2012


Trust is a word that most of us if not all are quite conversant with. The definition of the word is known to some and some are still not able to come to terms with the word and why they should try and improve their trust score daily. Have you heard someone say something like you want your car fixed on time and for good value? You need to take it to Mr A. Oh! do not take your car to Mr B simply because he will make promises and your car will not be fixed or probably end up in a condition worse off than when you took it there. You may also have noticed that when your boss wants something done in the office, he calls out to the most hard and smart working female A in the office and whenever someone mentions that A is busy; why not let us give it to B as she is free? The boss turns back to the laptop and says I will rather wait. The reasoning behind both actions are not far fetched; The As through a combination of actions have earned the trust of those around and the Bs through a combination of actions as well have lost that trust.

Today, I will attempt to share with you tips which I feel would enhance your trust score if that score has been badly damaged and to further strengthen your position on the right track if your score is good. The first issue I will like to address is about those who feel that they certainly do not need to improve in this area of their lives. Did you know that you always expect people to do certain things for you at the time they promised that they will do them? Did you know that you always expect people to call you when they cannot fulfill that promise any longer and let you know their reasons; then let you know how soon they are able to deliver? Did you know that at some point in time, you were not so happy because some guy/lady promised to show up and they didn't show up eventually? Have you considered how you expect others to fulfill these obligations towards you and you do not want to fulfill your obligations towards others?

If you carefully considered the questions above and you answered in the affirmative, then you are on the right track and you should start practicing the points below to improve your trust score.

  • Know your current score: If you will improve, you need to know what your current score is. where exactly are you on the scale. you can always evaluate yourself on this daily. Start by using what I call the daily meter to evaluate yourself. Check all you said you will do for others and evaluate how you were able to meet up with all of them daily. As you improve, you can use the Weekly, monthly and yearly meters respectively.

  • Evaluate why you are not able to meet up with certain things you promised to do. Be sure to use thinking to the limit here and ask questions. You can ask questions like was it a fault of mine? Was it someone Else's fault? What could I have done? When you ask questions like this, you will surely get answers.
  • When you are not able to meet up, please let the other party know on time. You do not have to wait till the deadline is up before you send out a word. You should also avoid dodging either their calls or the people involved when you have not fulfilled your part. This will only brandish you as a person who cannot be trusted.
  • Tackle the reasons evaluated in the second point above. Once you identify a reason, please go ahead and tackle it the following day. Do not let the reason become your justifiable reasons everyday. Remember to do all you can
  • Be around those that always want to keep their words as well. Most times, your company affects your personality. Out of a 100 friends, do not have 99 who cannot keep their words. If possible, you should only have one who cannot keep his or her word. Am sure you get what I mean.
If  you practice the above often, you will surely improve your trust score.

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