Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hello All,

I trust that your weekend has simply been phenomenal as I thoroughly enjoyed mine. At this point, I intend to share some deep truths with you and one that I know that if applied you will surely get the best out of the coming week. I know you all must have heard the saying that do all you can to ensure that you actually get the best out of your everyday life. I choose to say it this way: Do whatever you can, in all the ways you can, however you can, in the most trustworthy and reliable manner to ensure that you get the best out of everyday life. This will be the first part of the series because I do not want you to get distracted while you are reading this.

As simple as this is, we sometimes find ourselves struggling with the tenets of this wonderful statement and I intend to highlight the parts to ensure that not only do you get the best out of your day but by doing this; you will also get the best out of the people you manage. You will agree with me that in our world today, we have a whole lot of distractions and sometimes you could find it a bit challenging and daunting to ensure that all you have set out to do is done just the way you would have expected it to be done. I will attempt to show you from the underlined statements that this is really conceivable and thoroughly achievable.

The wise man: Paul J Meyer said that whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass. So I like to congratulate you that you still have imaginations and that is why you actually conceive the things you would like to achieve within a certain period. Without an iota of doubt, you have passed the first test which is as critical as the rest of the phrases we intend to evaluate together.

Doing whatever you can simply means giving it your all till you are sure that you have exhausted all your options. This means that you have to be absolutely dogged in ensuring that you give It all it takes to ensure that it comes to fruition. Yes I know you still don’t get it and I will break it down with this final statement; you know what you do when you really want to see a particular movie and the movie theater you want to see the movie at is full, and you have to drive to different theater locations at that time of the day just to ensure that nothing gets in the way of that period of entertainment? You need to use that same approach when you need to do any other thing that has the tenets of moving you or your organization forward. Now am smiling because someone out there may be thinking why is he using the movie example? Well, like you rightly thought, it’s just an example and all that matters is that you now get it……..

In all the ways you can simply means finding several ways to do the things you want to do till you are sure that you have found the right approach that works. My friend, if you are reading this you should attempt to put what you are reading to action. Do, do, do, and do till you are sure of the way that works perfectly for you. This simply includes researching about ways that some others have done it and trying to apply how they did it. Most importantly also, you do not have to be a “COPY RAM’’ as what worked for them may not necessarily work for you but you would have picked bits from here and there and you will then be able to fashion out the MOST EFFECTIVE ways of doing the things you want to do.

Like I said in my introduction, this would come in parts so I would stop here for now and encourage you to do all you can in all the ways you can. You may also let me know the approach you are using to do the things you want to do and most importantly the ways with which you are doing them.

Thank you for reading and I hope this has truly inspired you to have a splendid week……

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