Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Flags waving, fireworks sparking, people cheering, Lights everywhere, smiles on faces, greetings all around, people making calls, invitation to different places, incredible barbecue, food unlimited, people willing to share and give, shops with incredible sales, places to visit, offices closed, fun all around and when I say fun, it is actually joy unlimited. So it goes on the 4th of July here in the land of opportunities and a place where dreams are born. The day of independence we call it and true to its meaning, it’s massive INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS.
WOW, I am so happy to be in this land at this point in time, and share in the true values of independence. Having witnessed Independence Day celebrations in some other countries, it is worthy to share my thoughts on what it means to be free. Have you stopped to consider for a moment what we actually celebrate on Independence Day and why it means a lot to all of us in our countries? OR let me put it this way. What should we be celebrating on days like this and everyday of our lives?
True independence is when you have control over what you are doing or what you intend to do. The meaning of freedom to some people is not being shackled, not being restricted and we all like freedom in its truest sense. You want to do what you want, when you want and how you want. This desire has not waned over the years. This is a part of independence but I would like to introduce to you a better form of independence which is independence that has control.
One of the greatest assets of man is the willpower. When you feel like doing something and you can say no because you are placing values over other kind of influences, then you are free. If you feel you need to have fun for example and there is some work to be done which has a timeline yet you choose to go after your instinct to have fun at the expense of the work, then there is no control and that in itself is not freedom. If you are passing by a place, came across an accident victim and chose not to help because the person riding with you said you should not then you may need to check your freedom.
As you celebrate today and other days of your lives, when you think of independence, think control and start to enjoy the true freedom that comes from placing values above every other thing. In essence, please let your willpower (The innate ability to say yes or no) guide your freedom.


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