Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello Friends,

I hope that you all have been enjoying the week so far and having all the fun that each day brings.
Today, I will like to share with you how to ensure that you finish your tasks within the expected time frame. Do not forget that if this is not a part of you, it is easy to miss out on the good things of life and most importantly, you may loose the trust of those around you. This will in turn label you a not too serious fellow and you may actually end up with a worse image than before.

Firstly, I need to emphasize why you need to make this an integral part of you. Again, I will use bullet points so it will be clear to all

  • All of us love to see people keep their promises to us. Now this is my question: what if no one keeps their words? where will that leave us?
  • You need to show others how to do it. Wouldn't it be nice for someone to say YOU taught me so and so.
  • That is the only way you can get others to trust you. Have you ever heard someone say "Oh you need to get that done? Talk to "HIM"
  • It shows that you are now an adult. Oh yes... When you were younger, it didn't really matter. Now that you have been weaned, we want to see that you can take responsibilities.
  • Shhhhhhh. Don't say you heard it first here. That is one of the things that will move you up the ladder fast.
Since you have seen how important this is, then let us share how exactly you can improve on that aspect of you.
  1. Take all the time you have in the world to analyze the issue at hand. You need to evaluate it properly and be sure you have given a deep thought to it. Bear in mind that you do not need a whole year to analyze.
  2.  Be sure exactly what your responsibility is. You should ask questions if you are in doubt till you are certain of what is expected from you.
  3. Give your word on what you know you can do within the given time frame. In case something else is assigned that you have not handled before, please let it be clear to all that you are trying this for the first time.
  4. Review the process of completion in your mind. When you have a clear path of what you want to do in your mind, it is easier to complete it.
  5. Sacrifice your time of play to ensure that you finish it on time. This is how I see it: It is always better to do the work first and have a lot of time left to play around rather than playing first and discovering that you have played away the time for the work
  6. Review what you have done and be sure that it has been done exactly how it was supposed to be done
  7. Try all you can to always deliver before the due date. Isn't easy we all know but it's always easy for us when we are playing.
So next time you need to get things done within a certain period, you know what to do


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