Monday, 2 July 2012


Mankind was blessed with five good senses and the sense of sight is a strong one. We are all happy that we can see things. We are taught that before you leap, you should look and when you can’t see, it is wise to exhibit caution. Tread gently and try to feel your environment before you launch forward. As good as the sight has been over the years, it has turned around to be the inhibitive factor in so many people’s lives. We are quick to judge things by just what we see but in reality, even what you see may not be the real thing as something may be hidden beneath what you think you can see. Also, what you see now and have an opinion about is probably what you have experienced before. When something that has not been experienced before is seen, the tendency is to become confused and confusion becomes predominant till a solution is found or till the sight becomes clearer.

Do not just run when you see something unpleasant, you may just be running to danger. The best solution may be to hide - Matured

This is why we are quick to live by the sense of sight. A new movie needs to be seen, we want to see the best places on earth and the desire to see many good things has not waned over the years. We set out to see good things but sometimes, we see bad things and this is where most people have difficulty in responding appropriately. Simply because it’s not what we set out to see, we are not sure of how to handle this seemingly overwhelming challenge. Most of us deeply ruminate over what we have just seen that we are immersed in what is and it completely takes over what can be. What it can be is the desire but there is a challenge of what it is. Did you know that just be refusing to see what it is, you can see what it can be?
Yes that is true and this can be done simply be reaching within you for a few minutes and listen to your heart. The heart will tell you what you should do when faced with these circumstances. You can always train your heart by closing your eyes and thinking deeply for those few minutes and you would be surprised at the solutions you would come up with. Do not just run when you see something unpleasant, you may just be running to danger. The best solution may be to hide. Do not live your entire days based on what you see but reach within your heart to receive the guidance you need.

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