Saturday, 7 July 2012


It is fitting today to share the thoughts of one of my friends while we were growing up. One day he called me and said he would like to know the reason we did not have the power to influence where we were born, which family we were born into, which country we had to live in and so on. In other words, he wanted to know why we had to settle for what was presented to us and what we came to understand as our immediate environment the moment we became wiser as kids. It was a funny thought and when I look back at it today, I still smile sometimes about it. Think of it like this, how come you were born into that family? Why were you born into that country and someone else was born into another country? Why do some people have so much influence at birth and others do not? Why is it that the family you were born into has to toil day and night to be able to give you the best of life while some others have it on a platter of gold just by saying give me this or that.
These thoughts often come to mind when you look at the opportunities that are available. So the mind often tends to drive into believing that opportunities as children that we all have vary from one person to the other. In actual fact, this is very true considering that some do not have to toil as hard as you have to in order to get things they need. While some parents can afford to pay the college fees of their children, others have to get loans to fulfill this obligation. You need to sweat it out to buy your first house while another already has her house as far back as college days.
Even though you find that the opportunities that exist to you as a child of one are quite limited to the opportunities that exist to the child of another, there are things you can do that can help you change the mindset and begin to appreciate your present situation while working towards achieving a better circumstance for the generation that is coming after you. As you journey through life, the points listed below would help you understand that you can get the best out of the present circumstances.
  • Look around you and appreciate your present location.
  • Clearly understand that there is a problem you are meant to solve in that location and do all you can to solve it before you die
  • You need to do more that someone who already has the opportunities abounding to him. In short, do the extra at all times
  • Keep your Focus on the ultimate goal you want to achieve
As you live by these things, you will understand that though you may think that the opportunities are limited but if you start making use of the opportunities that you think are limited, more will present itself to you and you will rise above your present circumstances.


  1. True talk bro. Am always in a happy mood whenever I read ur blog,very inspirational.All the best

  2. Thank you so much. Glad you like it