Sunday, 1 July 2012


Born on so and so date, raised in so and so place, went to the best school, got the best kind of trainings and has been living the last few years of her life as a proud managing director of  a company she started 10 years ago. She got to the office one morning and discovered that the great building was no more. I left it here last night when I went home she thought to herself; how did it happen? What about the recent project she was working on? Too many questions flooded her mind that she did not have answers to. Excuse me ma’am, the voice of the officer standing next to her did not make any sense. Excuse me ma’am, he called again, then she was jolted back to reality. As she listened to him, she discovered that there was a great flood that wiped out everything in that location hence the reason her office no longer stood in that location. Heads bowed and with a great deal of sadness she took a walk with the officer to complete necessary documentation and make necessary arrangements for her insurance company to fix this huge mess that was caused by a natural occurrence.
This too has come to Pass is the best way to view natural occurrences- Matured
The insurance company fixed the whole mess in no time and she had her office back but documents were lost, equipments perished but she had new ones and she still had people to work with. The thing most desired by the human being is control. You want to know what is happening now so that you can use what you learnt yesterday and what you are learning today to ensure that tomorrow will be better. In the process of going round the cycle, something happens that was not part of the plan. You feel dejected but I want you to understand that just as this is a cycle, what just happened will pass away the same way it came.
It is a huge low now, but if you keep your head and understand that this is a phase, it will also pass away so from today when unexpected things happen say to yourself that THIS TOO HAS COME TO PASS. Whatever it is and however it may have happened, have a clear understanding that it will pass away the same way it came. The woman felt that all that she had labored for had gone because of the low but she got a new building, better equipments, better office space and she still has her staff to work with. In the process of change, she experienced a new high.
As things happen, learn to say to yourself that what is happening now or what just happened is not permanent and it will also pass away.
Have a lovely week ahead.

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