Monday, 9 July 2012


Hello Folks,
Hope the weekend was wonderful and I believe you all had fun.

Today I want to share with you things that helped us as kids and are still useful even though we are adults. You may think that life as children is long gone and we should just leave that life in the past where it belongs but in all honesty, I think there are some things you can still re-enact that will make you enjoy the best of your week. For the purpose of simplicity, I will use bullet points to ensure that the message is clear to all.

  •       Fear is not an option: Have you ever seen a little child crawling towards the fire place or towards a naked fire of some sort even though every time you see the child doing that, you scream get away from there. When you are not around or busy doing something else, the child does it again. The child does that because the knowledge of what can happen is still not clear. As adults because we have an understanding of what can happen, we tend to be afraid and refuse to take the all important step. Learn to be like that child and throw fear out of the window.
  •       Be joyful about every significant step: Have you seen a child jumping the day he/she discovers no more crawling but steps can now be taken. When the parents stand at one corner and encourage the child to walk gently to them, the child so elated and eager to do more. As adults, we should take pride in every significant step we take and celebrate the moment even though there is still a large chunk to be conquered
  •       Be Happy to Grow: Have you seen the way little children argue about who is taller? Oh yes they do and if you happen to deal with them a lot, you will see the challenge you go through to get them to align themselves properly according to heights. As adults, we should be happy that we are growing and take significant steps towards the growth. By growth I mean physically and in every other aspects
  •       Refuse to be bothered: Do you remember how kids refuse to bother about who is watching when they want to do anything? As long as it is what they intend to do, they go out and do it regardless of whose ox is gored. Sometimes, parents have to scream off their heads to prevent children from doing what exactly they want to do. As adults, once you set your heart on doing something, please go for it and refuse to be bothered
  •          Persistence is key: We all can relate to this and it is simply when kids want something, they simply do not allow you to rest till they get what they want. As adults, we should use that to learn that simply by refusing to give up, we can get what we want.
There are many more lessons we can learn from kids that can be adapted to our living but as the week progresses, these few will help you achieve more.

Have a progressive week.

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