Friday, 20 July 2012


Sometimes we forget to do the simple things of life hence the reason I choose to remind you today of one of the simple things we may have forgotten or which some of us know but find it a bit daunting to practice. As simple as it is, a lot of us do not go the extra mile to practice it and after reading this piece, just learn to incorporate this into your day to day living as it opens doors for you as an individual. I will like to share with us the subject of being nice to people around irrespective of how they treat you in return. I know that you may not agree with me but one thing you should realize is that it has worked for some and it will continue to work. In case you do not know, people value that attribute and it could just be your greatest asset to success.

Let me start by explaining what exactly it means to be nice. I will not use a dictionary definition so as to bring the message closer home to you. Being nice simply means Neatly Incorporating a Closer Experience. Have you noticed that no one truly likes mean people around them? Even those who are mean do not and when they meet those who are supposedly a lot meaner than they are, they tend to cringe and look around for those who they feel are not as mean as they are. In other words, everyone likes to have nice people around as these are the people they can call on when they need resolution concerning any issue.

The major challenge we all face is that people often think that other people will take advantage of them and term them to be fools when they are nice to them. While that is true, there is the other side of the coin which tends to say when you practice something often, it becomes a part of you and just when you think you have not mastered it, it pops up when the right set of people come along. So here is my question: would you rather hoard that part of you which should give a lot of comfort to others and take you to greater heights or would you rather express it in all situations and leave those who think they can get where they want to be by being mean to others?

Whatever your answer to the earlier paragraph was, I would like to say to you that Being nice simply does not cost a thing. No one was born to be nice. We all choose to be nice so if you make that all important choice today, you will be surprised at the level of progress you will witness. All I am asking you to do is to share that extra that you have with someone who is genuinely in need and you will be surprised at how much difference you will have made in our world today.

Be the change you expect to see and just be nice to all you see, You never can tell who the last person you met was or how much impact your act had in their lives

Have a fruitful day

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