Saturday, 28 July 2012


I shared with you a while ago on the concept of believing in what you are doing or what you intend to do. You can read more about that piece here. Today I intend to share with you why you need to push harder to enforce what you have seen and what you believe can be.

I once listened to a man speak and he gave an analogy which I intend to use in order to drive home the point. If you get to a room and it is dark, what do you see and what do you do? Some people would walk into that room and whine all day long about the fact that it is too dark and they are helpless, some others would walk into the room and walk out at once because the room is too dark, the third and final group would walk into the room and find a way to light up the dark room. As you must have seen now, there is a huge difference between the 3 groups and they all responded using what they saw and experienced as a basis for their actions.

The above clearly shows that what you see and the actions you take has a direct impact on your immediate surrounding. Do you know that the people who walked out and whined would be the first set of people to scream and pick up the best seats in the room that was once dark. No one wants to see things in a different way but we all want to see a different world. We all have gifts that cost us nothing and our vision is definitely one of them.

When you look as far ahead as you can, you will discover that WHAT YOU SEE is truly WHAT YOU GET. Change the way you see and you will definitely be a winner.

Have a great weekend.

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