Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Last time, I shared with you what it means to see without your eyes. You can read more about how to see with your heart as well here. Today I will like to share with you a story that I feel would inspire a change in the way you see things as well. TA, a busy executive commutes along a particular route to work daily. On this particular day, she drove past a scene and suddenly it occurred to her that what she saw was a small car that had fallen over into a ditch. How long has the car been there she wondered to herself but since there was no time for questions, she decided to reverse the car and then go back to the scene she just saw.

Help me cried the young man as she drew closer. How long have you been here, what happened, how am I sure you’re not a criminal, don’t you have family members, where is your cell phone? At once she realized she was asking too many questions and the man was even bleeding. Realizing her folly, she screamed for help and soon enough, she got the attention of those who were nearby and they were able to get the man into her car and off she sped to the closest hospital which was about 15 minutes drive backwards. Once she was sure that the man was safe and had had contacted a few of his relatives, she left and just 5 minutes away from the spot she had picked the man, she noticed another accident.

This time around the situation was a bit critical as she saw the rescue team at this spot. She thought to herself as she drove along “I wonder where this rescue team was that they could not assist the first man she had just taken to the hospital”. She hissed and turned on her car radio and the first news she heard was the accident that the rescue team was trying to salvage. Her thoughts again took the best of her as she started contemplating all she had to do in the office since she was now some minutes late. Then she heard something which jolted her; a tree fell and smashed the car and the people died instantly; most importantly, the accident had occurred at exactly 07.32am. If she had not reversed to help the man, it could as well have been her car since she was likely to be at that spot at that time if she had not helped the man. She shook her head and was grateful that she had gone back to help the man who was stranded by the ditch.

How large exactly is your heart and how much of your time do you give to others? You sure will be saving yourself trouble when you give your all to others.

Do enjoy the rest of the day.

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  1. Always good to help others when they are in need of one thing or the other.Not just by saving lives but by giving,listening to people in times of trouble,etc. Nice one bro