Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hi People,
Just to shed a bit of light on the delicate but simple subject of trust. How would it be nice if you had to trust the person seating beside you completely without having to worry whether the person would bring some form of harm to you or not. The truth is that you may never know fully but you want to be certain that to a large extent, you have the right people around you and not some scaly-wags. Trust me; you don’t want to be looking over your shoulders at all times. Even the neck needs rest when it can get one
In theory and practical, they say it’s hard to really trust people without having that iota of doubt. I dare say you can trust and not fall into the terrible pit of having the ‘’WRONGEST’’ set of characters around you in the name of colleagues, family members or even friends.
Simple things can assist you to eliminate the leeches you have around that cry out aloud saying hey Buddy, you know that you can trust me. I am sharing a few with you:
*             BE EAGER TO LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY WITH SMALLER THINGS: When they ask you for a little favour and you feel you can let it go, please let them have it. In case they require a loan and you can afford it, please give it to them. Remember that the key is to ensure that it is little and by little, I mean something you can easily part with. Most times, if they are not to be trusted, they won’t pay back.
*             THEIR MOUTH MOVES FASTER THAN OTHER PARTS OF THEIR BODY: Ever heard of the “TALK -A -THIEF’’? Yeah they are the ones am talking about. They are eager to make promises and if you check the rate of fulfillment of the promises, you can be sure you are looking at a 20% conversion rate. You know what to do when you see this sign.
*             WATCH OUT FOR THOSE THAT HAVE THE GRAB SYNDROME: These are people who would not want anything good for others. They have the general belief that self first, others last. They never believe that something doesn’t belong to them and until they get what you are using, they will know no peace. The truth is that they don’t even mind pushing you into the lake and showing up later with your towel to have you cleaned up. Next time, you see them show up with the towel, and you were standing together before you fell, please check again to be sure how you fell.
*             YOU JUST MET AND THEY ARE ALREADY ASKING YOU FOR THINGS: In all honesty, this may be a debatable point but everyone you just meet want to get to know you before they start making demands. They do not exhibit any atom of restraint nor do they believe there are codes of conduct. By the way, what happened to the people they had known all their lives that they are now pouncing on you they just met. A little secret: they have taken off vital parts of their body and do not intend to show up in that zone any longer.
*             WHEN YOU ARE DYING, THEY ARE THE LAST TO SHOW UP: It is so funny that you have given all to assist them but when you need their assistance the most, they give you all manner of excuses and that’s even if you get to see them around. They know when you need their assistance and they are the first to bail out and last to show up.
There are many more signs but these few will help you stay afloat and separate the wheat from the chaff
One more thing, you will make mistakes as you go on but if you keep these signals, they will help shake them off.
Be Matured!!!

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