Friday, 22 June 2012


Hello All,

I trust that the day has been wonderful and you all are having a splendid time. A thought struck me and I intend to share it with you. I have discovered that we often find it easy to value the things we spend a lot on. The beautiful cars, gigantic edifices, the decoration therein, a new jet/plane and so on. We do all we can to value these things simply because they cost a lot and we need to spend a lot to maintain them so that our investments would not amount to waste of time, energy and resources.

Alas, we find it a bit hard to come to terms with things we have not even spent a dime on. One of such is when you are told to just believe; Believe you can do it, Believe you can make it; Believe the task can be completed and don't even stop believing when you fail at it once. We hear these cries daily but yet we find it hard to exercise this wonderful gift nature has bestowed upon us.

So I thought that wouldn't men find it a lot easier if they had to spend on believing to be able to practice the tenets and then shine through at the end? Yes I feel that would propel a lot of us but fortunately, it's a gift and it comes at no cost so dear friends why not utilize this wonderful gift to combat any difficulty you may be facing today.
Just Believe and you will see the utmost result, think like you have to invest so much time and energy into concentrating your efforts on believing and then you will surely reap the rewards.

Freely it was given to us all and I am pleading with you today and for the rest of your lives to believe as that is a strong asset.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead

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