Monday, 25 June 2012


Tick! Tick!! says the clock, tick! Tick!! What you have to do, do quick. The old nursery rhyme still communicates effectiveness today as it did the first time I heard it. Little did I know in my small mind then that the Rhyme my teacher was forcing us all to learn what would be an integral part of advancing in life. Many things require you to tick along as you go and since the world is not waiting, you need to move along in other to keep up with appointments. The good news about all of this is that things need to get done and they need to be done on time but the bad news is that the things you need to get done cannot wait for you because there are concrete timelines for them to get done. Even when you think they can be done at your own time, the idea is that when you finish, you will discover that you are too late as someone else already got it done or there is no need for it anymore.
Some people prefer to postpone what can be done today till tomorrow and the major reason is that the people want to have fun now and set the work aside to be done at a later time. I came across a few points of recent and we can learn from the points.
  • ·         If you set out to achieve a lot of things, there is the likelihood that you may not get them all done but if you learn to itemize the things that need to get done and then allocate time frame to the things that need to be done, you will achieve a lot faster during the day.
  • ·         You also need to learn to prioritize your tasks. Identify the importance of each task and prioritize them so that you do the most important ones first and do the least important ones last.
  • ·        Get out of your comfort zone. The human being has a soul and it is this soul that makes you crave for entertainment so we need to understand that till the day we are no more, your desire to get entertained would always be there. In essence, the tendency is to feel like relaxing when there is work to be done. Remember that entertainment can wait but the work cannot wait. It is always easier to finish the work first and then relax later. That way, you will have more time to relax and you will be relaxing when your body actually needs to relax.
  • ·         Always get yourself in the work mode. Long ago was when manna fell from heaven and men needed to pick them up from the earth to eat. If you see food on the floor today, will you eat it? So why not set that body of yours to get in the work mode at all times so that the food can be available on your table and you can then decide what you want to eat and how you want to eat.
  •       Try to evaluate yourself each day. Before I go to bed each night, I ask myself these questions: what did I set out to achieve today? Did I achieve all? If I didn’t, why didn’t I achieve all? When you get answers to all these questions, try to improve the following day.
Remember that you will stumble as you give it a try but if you remain consistent and true to this principle, you will go very far.
I leave you with one of my greatest weapons today and that is Delay is truly dangerous
Have a great week

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