Monday, 25 June 2012


This sounds too good to be true right? I know and actually it is a bit difficult to practice but highly achievable. It is also a good way of getting things done in the world we live today as there are several reasons to hate and genuinely dislike people. People will always give you reasons to like or dislike them and the sooner you realize that the better. I would always salute a boss of mine who taught me that people would always be people and before they ever offend you, think in your mind that you have forgiven them. So when they eventually display their true human nature, you remember that at some point you told yourself that this person will surely offend me but I will definitely forgive whatever wrong the person might have done.
Think of it like this: why would you stay away from a place where you so much believe that you can get something you desperately need simply because someone who once offended you works or lives around that domain even though it’s not the person that will give you what you want. Why would you choose to avoid a classmate who you know can help you with your academics simply because of a squabble that happened 3 years ago? Why will you avoid been on the same team with a colleague at work simply because of some misunderstanding that even those in the office cannot remember? Doing all these things simply takes you via a longer route to getting your things achieved and frustrates neutrals who are observing.
This is why I am proposing that when people offend you, let it go however hard it is and then just remember that saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Operate in a free spirited manner and then move on. The snag however is that once they do something to hurt you, do not keep your head out to be hung a second time but you can surely hold out the hand for a shake.
With this principle, you will get the best out of your colleagues and many other relationships you will build along the way.
Resolve to be a friend of all and an enemy of none

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