Sunday, 3 June 2012


I had been having this headache for a while now and perceived that it was my last job that constantly contributed to it. I would take pain medications of all kinds and would feel relieved for a while and when am back in the office, it starts again. I had resorted to using all kinds of medicine just to make me feel better and rest as often as possible. It gave me temporary relief and was satisfied.

Then I came across this wonderful piece by Oral Roberts "Deliverance From Fear and Sickness: The Master Key to your Healing" and I can tell you that it did have an impact on my life and I have not felt the headache anymore. I also believe I will never feel it again.

Your situation maybe more daunting than mine and you may have more challenging circumstances. Please try and get this book and you will be amazed at what God can do for you.

Good Health is your right.

Be Matured!!!

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