Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Hello All,
Did you know you can get the best of your friendships and relationships simply by using the two letters stated above? “OK”. Too simple and too vague you may be tempted to say but just spare me a few minutes of your time to read and digest what I have written and within the next few days, you will be glad that you did read this article.
A long time ago, it was a part of me to impress what I felt was right on others. When I felt they were not doing things the right way, a part of me will strongly desire to convince them of the need for a re-direction and possibly the need to change permanently. In as much as this was sometimes right, I noticed that too much energy was expended in trying to correct an already formed mind which in turn gave room to needless arguments. The arguments also had its downside in that they could lead to severe headache and most importantly a strain in the relationship. Come to think of it, the whole essence as I was to discover later was to ensure this person towed a better line and gave up a warped view of the issue being discussed. So I thought to myself: was this worth the whole trouble? Was another not being created in the process of trying to resolve one?
So I had to learn the hard way and discovered that simply saying ok to so many things would make things move along. Once you state your point and the person revolts by saying the opposite, simply say ok just so that the conversation can move along. You will discover what a wise way of living this is in that it will save you a whole lot of stress in dealing with humans along the way. Also, in case someone wants you to do something and you feel that it’s not the best decision, if you think saying no will lead to a conversation of close to one hour on a subject that is so frivolous, please employ the OK FORMULA.
Then the last thing I will like to point out is that simply because you said ok does not mean that you entirely agree with the person. It only means that at that point in time, you want peace to reign, you want to save yourself some stress, you want to preserve the relationship, you want to massage someone else’s ego by simply saying ok and doing what you intend to do. This formula can be used on anyone you can think of and it will achieve tremendous results for you along the way.
Remember that you will have a lot of challenge along the way as you practice as it is not easy to learn a new way of doing things. Just tag along by simply using the ok formula and you will get the best out of your relationships.

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