Thursday, 14 June 2012


What a lovely way to start this piece to you. Take a few moments to think about this quote from the 40th president of the United States and you will see that there are lessons we can learn from it on why you need not worry.
You may have heard the saying time and again that worry is not good for you and may still be wallowing in the terrible world of worrying. Worrying does no good and it beats you down till you cannot see anything good in that situation. You may have every cause to worry and there may be a cause to panic. One thing is sure and it is the truth that worrying does not take what you are worrying about away.
No matter how great a problem is, it does not get solved by worrying. Like we all know, you do not add to your life by worrying about it but hey my friend, be assured you can subtract from it. Rather than worrying, get out of the horrible pit of worrying and find a solution.
Ask the father to give you a way out and he will surely do. A friend once told me that why worry when you can pray and take action.
When you are faced with a situation that you seem to be terribly worried about, think of it this way; there is something positive about what I am worrying about and before long you will realize the best way to tackle whatever is making you worried.
Have a worry free year but an action filled one
Be Matured!!!

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