Thursday, 14 June 2012


Marion Jones was born on the 12th of October, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. She was the first woman to win five track and field medals at Sydney Olympics. In 2006, she was tested for a banned substance but was cleared subsequently. Events later led to her confession in 2007 that she used banned substances and she had to return her Olympic medals. She was consequently jailed for six months because she lied to the jury about the doping.
She described this period as the most trying time in her life. According to her, it was a humbling experience and she concluded by saying it was a blessing. The time spent in Prison helped her to re-evaluate her person and in there, being Marion Jones (the lady we all adore) meant nothing. She felt bad about hurting those that loved and cared for her
This for me is why I call her a true champion; she was able to speak about the ordeal after it happened and did not allow it to dampen her mood. She had this to say when she was interviewed about it
"In my household, we teach our kids that we all make mistakes," she said. "Like mummy makes mistakes ... I'm not an exception. But it's what you do after the mistake. When I talk with young people now, that's what I tell them. 'Hey, OK, you're going to make a mistake, be prepared. But do the right thing afterward.' "
Thank you Marion for teaching us that even when we make mistakes, we must do the right thing afterward.
Be Matured!!!

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