Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Many times it’s so easy to see reasons why we cannot do things. It’s really easy to give up in the face of many challenges that surround us every day. Time and again, we look at the many difficult tasks that we have to undertake and choose to do the easier part. The easier part seems to give a leeway to be relaxed in your mind by choosing to mope about the challenge or task that is ahead of you. Daily, you feel that urge to go on but there is simply no courage to take it on. You feel that time is being wasted thinking about the challenge but still and you are so comfortable taking a thought of it alone.
In reality, taking a thought of it seems to be the best part but there is also something greater that you must do. Take a step from the many thoughts that cross your mind and don’t just seat on the platform of thinking. You need to realize that there is a reason you are passing through this phase right now. There is a lesson you are suppose to learn and in turn be able to teach others after you must have overcome. I am convinced that nothing lasts forever and like the old saying; you must believe that this TOO HAS COME TO PASS.
Do not seat under the illusion that this will stay forever. The reason it seems it is taking so long is that you have come to accept the challenge as an integral part of you, Separate yourself from the challenge and see how you overcame so many other challenges in times past. If this is your first experience, please permit me to say WELCOME TO THE CLUB for it is an integral part of the human nature to always go through the many lessons of UPS and DOWNS. When you are down, just hang in there for there is HELP on the way and so long as you don’t give up, you are experiencing another UP soon.
Stay within the course, take a step of faith and remember THIS TOO HAS COME TO PASS.
Be Matured!!!

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