Friday, 22 June 2012


007 (James Bond) gave us a glimpse into what tomorrow has always been like and would continue to be long after we are gone and how true indeed that tomorrow never dies.

Tomorrow gives different feelings to two groups of people; the first being the child and the second the adult. For the child, it's always about fun; hence a trip to look forward to, some place to play, the movie theater to visit, school holidays coming up, the amusement park, promises of gifts and most importantly a brighter and rewarding future.

For the adult, its a bit different as the burden of tomorrow carries with it deep responsibilities; someone to take care of, a promise to be kept, a business to keep running or start, a family to provide for, appointments to keep and most importantly goals to be met.

In all that we do either as adult or children, indeed tomorrow is always awake and the things you set out to achieve tomorrow suddenly becomes outdated as soon as it is achieved. Little wonder there is always something about tomorrow that doesn't allow us to rest.

Even though tomorrow never dies, remember that long after you are gone, tomorrow will still be awake so my advice is this Live today for tomorrow and never forget to take care of yourself as you go along with the many hustles and challenges of life.

I wish you a fruitful today and a rewarding tomorrow.

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