Wednesday, 27 June 2012


During the course of living on this planet, a lot of questions pop up in our heads and among these many questions comes this all important question of why me? Why does it always have to be me to do this or that, experience this or that, go to this place or that? It’s a question that makes us feel singled out of a pool of people for either good things or bad things. This is what I have come to observe: When we are singled out for good things, we find it easy to quickly come to terms with whatever is happening and accept the accolades that is being poured on us but when it’s the reverse, heads are usually bowed down and people are dejected that they have been singled out for terrible things.

Did you know that being in the positive mood could help answer that question faster than you expect and getting around to believe that all things happen for a reason could be just the key to resolving whatever challenge it is. Think of it like this: if all that happens to you are the good things, do you think you will learn enough about life and how to pull through this current situation that is making you to say why me? You may be tempted to say yes but have you not seen enough babies at the seat of power or those who even have no clue about what to do every time things happen around them? It’s not bad not to have a clue about some things but it’s bad not to have a clue about every single thing around you.

The experience you are passing through now is to make you stronger and be more adept at handling issues as they crop up. One thing we often forget as well is that this could have happened not just for your sake alone but for the sake of someone around you now or who will come around you later in life. When you ask the question why me, remember that it has to be someone so why not stand up, face the challenge in an upbeat mode and force the change through so that it can become an added experience later in life. I have learnt to always ask myself; what is the positive I can see in this thing that has just happened. Most times when I look hard enough, I will see a positive and by the time I focus on the positives, ideas of what to do will just start flooding the mind and this happened simply by dwelling on the positives.

So I would rather you change your question you ask when things happen from WHY ME to WHY NOT ME? This would help you brood on the positives and give you the IRON HEART of a WORLD CHANGER. You can surely live in a different way by learning this principle.

All the best

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