Saturday, 23 June 2012


Retention of information is vital if you intend to go very far in life. Imagine leaving the office and your wife calls you that you should please get an important soap for her on your way back. As soon as you are done talking to her, your boss calls that there is an important assignment that you are supposed to turn in first thing in the morning and he needs to show you some key points to note; so you quickly dash back into the office and after 30 minutes discussion with your boss, you hop into your car and you drive off. Then you got home and your wife demanded the soap she asked you to get, no excuses!!!! you had forgotten so you had to lie that the soap was no longer in stock when you got there. It could really be embarrassing when you have been having issues keeping things in your memory and really you should try to change. Some are blessed with the ability to remember things while others are not and often times, we hear things like not to worry, you can keep a diary, get personal assistants, set reminders on your phone and so on.

While these technological tools are wonderful and they are to be embraced, there is a genuine reason to try and improve on your retention capacity and this is why I am encouraging you to do this; A lot of us who find it hard to remember everyday things remember their academic work in school and things that they consider important to them. Most of these people do not forget to brush their teeth neither do they forget to go to work nor do they forget when they are supposed to play golf or some other sport. So I put it to you that you only try to remember the things you wish to remember.

However, I ask you to please cheer up as I recently came across an article by Timothy Romano who is a memory expert and he also encourages that you can learn to improve your memory information. This he says you can do by learning the act of adding visuals to things you wish to remember and just when you need to remember, the information would pop up in your head.
You may read more on the article by clicking here

P.S: I have tried this and I found that it helped to improve my memory retention

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