Tuesday, 19 June 2012


The older this adage gets the more it teaches us to live our lives with wisdom. These days, we tend to encumber ourselves with too many things. The faster we go the slower we seem to be and it prompts us to want to do more for ourselves, immediate family and the world at large. The drive to hedge our names on the many trophies set by men seems to drive us daily and we fail to understand that all you have got is 24 hours a day.
Each day brings its own troubles and the moment you start to appreciate the trouble each day brings and how to live fully by enjoying the moment while not throwing away tomorrow in the process, then you will start getting the best of your day. I choose to call every DAY as DAILY ADVANCING YOUR … You can fill in the blank but the key to enjoying the day is to realize that you are doing it daily while ensuring you are advancing in all spheres of life.
If you learn to take one day at a time, you will get around solving many of lives complex problems with much ease and you will begin to realize the benefit of the day that we are given. This would save your colleagues, friends, family and even you a whole lot of problems.
Live out each day to the fullest and get enriched knowing that tomorrow will bring better things since you planned and gave it your best today
Have a truly enriched day ahead
Live Maturedly!!!

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